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ON Grid Solar Power Plant (Without Battery)


  • Grid power system consists of solar panels, system controller and inverter. Solar panel will produce DC electricity and this electricity will be run through the inverter to produce AC electricity.
  • Then this energy is run into AC power panel pack to the utility companies power grid.
  • As On grid solar power system enjoys the advantages of battery free and low cost, This can make tha system operation life longer.
  • It also can remote monitoring during the operation.It has been become the main stream in the solar power generation. The system brings benefits of pollution reduction, energy conservation and environment protection all of which make remarkable social values.

OFF Grid Solar Power Plant (With Battery)


system is a power supply which through PV modules generating electricity and by controller charging/discharging battery and supply power to DC to AC load by inverter.

PV controller adjusts and controls the generated power. It sends the adjusted energy to DC or AC load on one hand and sends the redundant energy to the battery for storage on the other.

when the generated power is not enough to meet the load need, the controller sends the battery power to the load.The controller controls and makes battery not be overcharged when completely charge the battery.

And the controller makes the battery not be over discharged when finish discharging to protect the battery. The controller’s performance greatly influences the battery’s service life.